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If you would like to volunteer at The Vincent House please E-Mail us at

Here at The Vincent House, we celebrate life in every moment and we encourage our volunteers to do the same. When asked to volunteer at the Vincent House, you might be mistaken to believe that it is a depressing experience. Instead, it is a wonderful place to enjoy the small gifts of life and share our blessings with others.

We could not fulfill our mission without the dedication and support of our volunteers. For this reason, I am hoping to recruit many more people in the area to join our team of volunteers. Ideally, Vincent House would have enough volunteers so that they would only be required to work a 4-hour shift once every six weeks. Of course, you might surprise yourself and enjoy working more often than this...many of our volunteers sign up each week.

Here are some simple questions you can ask yourself to see if you would be interested in becoming a Vincent House volunteer:

  • Do I like being around people?
  • Do I enjoy sitting, listening to and encouraging others?
  • Do I feel good about myself when I help others?
  • Do I need to sit back from time to time and reflect?
  • Do I feel I have something to give to others?
  • Do I like the feeling of being needed?
  • Do I have four hours every six weeks to give back to others?

Did you answer yes to all or most of these questions? Then you have what it takes to be a volunteer at Vincent House!

If you feel you would be interested in volunteering or if there is someone you could recommend this opportunity to, please take the time to contact me either by
Telephone: 585-728-2427  
Mail: 310 Second Avenue, Wayland, NY 14572.

By volunteering at Vincent House, you might gain a stronger sense of pride, self-esteem and even some peace of mind, but you will most definitely leave knowing that you made a difference in someone else’s life.


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